PPP Driving

Rev up your driving skills with Petar’s Driving School in Sheffield! Learn to drive confidently and safely with our expert instructor, Petar, as your guide. Start your journey towards the open road today!

Why Learn with
PPP Driving School


Petar has seventeen years of experience in teaching students how drive confidently and feel secure behind the wheel.

Exam Pass Rate

Over 70% of our students pass their practical exams on the 1st try! Approach. Petar tailors his approach to every student. This guarantees the comfort of the learner regardless of their age, character or gender!

Happy Drivers

We have tons of reviews describing the great experience they had driving with Petar!

New Car

You will be driving a VW Golf 8 R-line equipped with all the necessary features to master any skill while being safe!

All-round Tutoring

We focus on perfecting every aspect of driving. Starting from your position in the vehicle, behaviour in different driving conditions to advanced training in cornering and shifting gears.


Don’t worry about how to get to us! Every lesson starts from a place of your choosing!


At our driving school you can take
the following lessons:

At our driving school you can take the following lessons: