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A good learning experience

Petar is a very good instructor and was patient with me with my driving, his references and way of teaching made me pass on my first test. His teaching ways is always adapted for you to understand and to become confident in yourself. He also worked around the times I was available and made sure that I understood everything on each lesson. Thank you Petar for your time and energy. Nafisa


I was taught by the best instructor

Today I passed my driving test. First time. With a clear run! All because of this instructor. I didn’t just leave knowing how to drive, I left feeling confident in myself and my driving. That is what Petar strives to achieve for all his pupils. Thankyou a million for being the best instructor and being patient throughout my journey learning to drive, I know it wasn’t easy! I would highly recommended Petar to anyone who wants to learn how to drive, drive well and safely. Thankyou Petar !


Brilliant Instructor

Petar is highly professional, amiable and most importantly a fantastic instructor! He does not simply aim to get you to a minimum standard to pass the test but he gives you the understanding and skills to be able to deal with all road situations and to become a confident, accomplished driver. Thanks to Petar’s tutelage I passed first time with no minors. I couldn’t recommend him more!


Great instructor.

I took lessons with Petar for over a year and, although I was initially very nervous behind the wheel, he taught me how to be a confident yet safe driver. He was never anything but kind and patient and always took the time to ensure that I understood everything I was taught and didn’t hesitate to try new approaches if I didn’t. He has really shown me how to drive and not just how to pass my test. I would highly recommend him to first-time drivers and to those who already have some experience. Thank you!


Brilliant Instructor.

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He made me feel at ease and thanks to him I passed first time. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Brilliant, just brilliant

From start to finish Petar was absolutely top draw as my chosen driving instructor.
I was apprehensive at first given I only had a couple of reviews to go off with him but I needn’t have worried.
Petar is personable, professional and patient, all the qualities needed in my eyes to be an excellent instructor.
All the basics and finer driving points were covered in good detail with any errors and problems addressed calmly and correctly.
He worked for me, the odds are very heavily in your favour that he’ll work for you too.
The strongest recommendation possible.


The best driving instructor in Sheffield.

I could not recommend Petar highly enough. Petar has helped my gain so much confidence from start to finish with my driving, He is calm, encouraging and motivating on every single lesson. I really can’t praise Petar enough for getting me to where I am today with my driving – just passed today! I am genuinely going to miss my lessons, as driving with Petar was an absolute pleasure. I will be adding my brother to his waiting list when he is 17 because there is no one else I would have him learn how to drive with. Good luck in the future petar!!

Shanelle Powell

Outstanding teacher

After over 6 years I finally managed to pass my test due to Peter’s professional guidance and help, without a shadow of a doubt I’d recommend Peter to any new or competent person wanting to take there lessons, he’s really patient and helpful, always on Time never misses a lesson and always make time for you wether it be early or night time lessons. I’ll be recommending him to everyone I know wanting lessons he’s brilliant. Definitely give him a try !!

Jack Jones

Professional, Patient, Punctual

Petar is extremely patient, resourceful and tailored his approach to suit my needs. He’s helped me to understand what it means to be confident and safe, and also had taught me practical skills. Would recommend to any individual looking to learn to drive or find a reliable instructor. He helped pass me and my brother, you could be next.

Josh Bann


I started my lessons with Petar a year ago and from the very beginning till the end I felt comfortable driving. This was because he helped me ease my nervous and taught me well, he puts his 100% percent into instructing you and it shows. He doesn’t just prepare you for the test, he prepares you for after the test, so you know how to drive in all sorts of conditions. Its been a great experience and I recommend him to anyone who actually wants to learn how to drive and not only to pass the test. It will be worth the while!!!


Highly recommended

Petar is a great driving instructor who teaches you how to drive and not just how to pass the test. No question was too stupid to ask and he was calm and patient when I made mistakes, teaching how to do better and usually returning straight away to tricky junctions or sections of road for immediate practice. I highly recommend him as an instructor!


Excellent instructor!

Peter taught my daughter to drive recently. We had been let down by an instructor and Peter stepped in at short notice to prepare my daughter for her test. He was professional and reliable with excellent knowledge of driving and the skills needed to pass the test. He improved my daughter’s confidence and ensured she was ready for her test. She passed first time and we could not have done it without Peter. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone in need of a driving instructor.


professional driving instructor

I highly recommend Mr. Petar as a professional expert driving instructor. He is very friendly, understanding and patient. Petar has professional and effective ways of teaching, he helped me improving my driving skills and passing the driving test from the first attempt.


One of the best instructors in Sheffield

Petar is a very good driving instructor. He is very patient and great to get along with and helped me pass the test despite starting off with a lot of issues with my driving. I highly recommend Petar, he is very knowledgeable, extremely reliable and a very good teacher!


Highly Recommended Instructor!

My partner and I both learned to drive with Petar and we both found him to be a great instructor. He took us from being complete beginners to being confident and comfortable in any driving situation. Petar does a great job of explaining the details of driving and making sure you understand exactly why you’re doing everything you’re doing, so that you’re a good, confident driver and not just someone who is able to pass their test. His car is a great, modern car to learn in. We both passed first time and would definitely recommend Petar to anyone considering learning.


Brilliant Instructor

Petar is an amazing instructor who does a brilliant job at teaching you how to drive and make you more confident. He changed me from someone who was nervous about driving for the first time to someone who feels incredibly confident behind the wheel. If you make mistakes, he gives extremely helpful and constructive feedback so you can improve and learn from mistakes. I would highly recommend Petar to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.


Precise, punctual, and patient. That’s Petar

I’ve never been the best of student drivers to work with. I had previously used other instructors before Petar, however I never really progressed with them. I started using Petar, and I found his logical teaching style simple and effective. Petar will focus on every aspect of your driving and will not cut corners. If you are a parent reading this review looking for an instructor for your child, I would highly recommend Petar. He is 100% safe on the roads and will keep your child (or yourself) safe. I would recommend Petar to anyone looking for an intelligent, effective, and of course, friendly driving instructor.


Perfect Instructor

I started off as a very nervous driver, but thanks to Petar’s patience and confidence boosting I passed my test on the first attempt. He was able to fit lessons around my work schedule, which was very helpful indeed. I have already recommended him to several friends and I’m hoping my sister will be using him in the near future too.


Driving with PPP

Taking my lessons with Petar was a pleasant experience. Petar was very supportive and when I did feel like I was unsure about something he offered alternative ways of teaching either through demonstration or talking me through things. He always made sure I was comfortable with each task and made sure by the end of the lesson I was confident and happy with what I had learnt. If I seemed nervous or wasn’t able to perform the task correctly, Petar would reassure me with his humour and lighten the atmosphere. I couldn’t be more happier and satisfied from my lessons delivered by Petar and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to take lessons. Mehvish (ex student)


Comfortable pass

Very calming instructor with concise and very coherent instructions. Very nuanced understanding of driving tests and general road safety. Highly recommend.

Ted Bowles

Great instructor

Petar is a great driving instructor and helped me pass my test first time. His teaching was clear and infomative, never leaving me in doubt of what i should be doing in any driving situation. His lessons were always enjoyable and useful!

Harry Lea

Amazing Instructor

Started lessons at 17 and was incredibly nervous. Passed first time, Petar is incredible at helping to build confidence for personal driving after the test as well as teaching you everything you need to pass. Very patient and super lovely! Highly recommend.

Mary Scott

Best driving instructor around!

Petar is an amazing driving instructor. Helped me to pass first time. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Daisy Slater

Passed my exam yesterday

Good instructor, is patient. Flexible with their hours.


Excellent Instructor

Thanks to Petar’s excellent instruction and expertise I now feel like a confident and safe driver. Despite the disruption of the pandemic causing breaks in lessons and cancelled tests I was still able to pass my test on the first attempt. Petar’s years of experience along with his good-humoured personality will make you feel comfortable from the first lesson and he will always push you to be the best driver you can be.


Professional and dedicated instructor

Petar is one of the most outstanding instructors within this field, he is calm and collective and will ensure that his learners are confident and comfortable at all times Petar’s teaching ability is also backed by 20 years of driving experience that will ensure you’re getting the most from his lessons.


Go for him

Petar is an excellent driving instructor. Is level of teaching is high and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. He is always there for you, making you feel comfortable. I never once felt like he didn’t care about my progress and I am very grateful. He one of the best around with a very reasonable price. Thank you Petar, I really appreciate on how you have taught me.


Professional & Engaging

I had used Peter’s driving school for a period of 8-9 months and from the initial phone call; Peter was direct, friendly, helpful and fully professional. Very descriptive when it came to explaining particular manoeuvres, rules of the road and general driving etiquette. Through his tutoring, I went on to pass both my theory and practical the first time around with no doubts on what he had taught me. I would highly recommend Peter as an instructor for whether you are a new learner or looking to switch your current instructor.


Best driving experience

Petar was the best driving instructor that I could have asked for. He was very understandable, calm and flexible. He was always paying attention at the weak points and we practiced them more. He cares about students opinions and always asking for what you would prefer to practice more. Peter has showed me all the little secrets and explained me in details every step in every possible manoeuvre. Overall, I did have a very nice experience and I highly recommend him to anyone, you will not regret it. Also a good car and fair price for a lesson.


Fantastic instructor

I would highly recommend Petar as a driving instructor. I wasn’t a first time learner going in but my overall experience level was very low. I previously held a non-GB driving licence which had taken me four attempts at the practical test to obtain! I never felt comfortable or confident while driving and tended to be a very reactive to situations as they arose. However learning with Petar has been a revelation. Thanks to his tutelage I not only passed my test first time but changed completely the way I drive for the better. His approach helped me simplify my actions and gave me time at the wheel to make clear decisions. I felt his lessons were tailored to my needs and he was always patient, friendly, and encouraging which motivated me to progress. Thanks Petar – I actually think I like driving now! Marc H.


Helpful, patient instructor

I had never driven before taking lessons with Petar and was initially very scared of driving. He was very patient with me and allowed me to learn at my own pace. I now feel confident with driving. I really feel that he taught me to drive rather than just teaching me to pass the test. He was also able to accommodate my work schedule. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.


Best driving instructor in Sheffield

Passed my test today first time, thanks to the patient, thoroughly objective, structured and enthusiastic approach that Petar brought to each and every lesson I had with him. From the start, to test day, he consistently helped Instll confidence in my abilities, explained and examined difficulties where they arose, and gave me a completely new outlook on driving and sharing the road with others. Even though I’m so happy to have passed my test, I will definitely miss having lessons with him. Petar is kind, funny and most of all a teacher who will not put you down, but spur you on so that you reach your full potential. Many thanks Petar!


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